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Stories Masterlist

★ Fics are organized by fandom and title, in alphabetical order.
★ Exceptions are untitled/spontaneous snippets; those will be listed at the end of each fandom section.
★ Rating, content labels and a pairing (if applicable) are given, so please pick your poison responsibly.
★ IMPORTANT! Please note that characters in a pairing are not listed in any particular order. I don't believe in the top/bottom order some fandoms are fond of, so A/B and B/A are the same thing.
★ If you have the inexplicable urge to read fics from my fanfic novice days (FF7, 8, TRC, KH)... I won't take responsibility. XD

D. Gray-man Drakengard FF7 FF8 FF12 Guilty Gear Infinite Space
Kingdom Hearts Lamento Macross Frontier Magna Carta Mana Khemia Persona 4 SenBASARA
Star Ocean 2 Star Ocean 3 Suikoden 4 Tiger&Bunny Togainu no Chi Tsubasa Chronicle Yukikaze

D. Gray-man

Backwards Development Kanda/Allen PG-13 implied sex The story of how Kanda lost his virginity.
Flurry Kanda/Allen R sex One day, Allen reflected, he would teach Kanda the difference between being lowered to the bed and being tackled.


At the End of the World Caim/Angelus PG-13 implied character death What if Caim and Angelus had been a little more selfish?
The Longing of the Soul Furiae, Inuart, Caim PG-13 incestuous feelings Furiae's thoughts as she is held captive inside the sky fortress.

Final Fantasy VII

Crumbling Vincent/Cloud PG-13 implied sex Prove to me that I'm human.
Disremembrance Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth PG-13 implied sex Some things are better left forgotten.
Hangover Vincent/Reno R implied sex "Let me guess. I got drunk, you got drunk, I fucked you, and now you want to kill me, right?"
Jackpot Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth PG-13 implied sex, humor/parody Zack has a plan, Cloud has objections, and Sephiroth's lap is really not as safe as it seems.
Letdown Cloud/Tseng G humor There really is such a thing as being too pretty for one's own good.
Mistletoe Cloud/Sephiroth PG-13 humor/parody Zack has a mission.
Pinned Cloud/Sephiroth PG-13 humor/parody/crack Zack's plans always resulted in two or more people being in compromising positions. Only this time, nobody expected it to be these two people.
Sick Leave Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth PG-13 humor/parody/crack, crossdressing Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth... and a dress.
Sleeping Habits CloudSephiroth PG Sharing a bed is not as easy as it might seem.
The Day Reno Gave Up Cloud/Reno PG-13 humor/parody/crack Reno's plans just don't seem to come to fruition.

Final Fantasy VIII

Stormfront Seifer, Squall G Squall's relationship to storms was special — in other words, he was a bit of a nutcase.

Final Fantasy XII

Even as the Curtain Falls endgame cast PG-13 the non-fairytale ending The world moves with its kings and princes, and she has long since learned that she cannot move them in turn.

Guilty Gear

Breathing Space Sol/Ky R implied sex Ky wakes up. Sequel to Interlude.
Burn like Snow

I | II
Sol, Ky R violence, gore Wartime winters are never fun.
Sol/Ky PG-13 implied sex Ky's various birthdays.
Christmas Special Sol/Ky, Sin G humor, NOT Overture-compliant As if Christmas could ever be normal in this household.
Covalent Bonds

I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII
Sol/Ky PG-13 college AU, humor/parody/crack Sol is your not-so everyday mad science professor, and he hates the universe. That is, until he meets—— Well, no. He's still going to hate the universe. He will, however, be forced into grudging coexistence with it.
Distractions to the Square Root of Pi Sol/Ky R sex, humor Because sex doesn't always have to be serious business. Ky does paperwork in unconventional ways, and Sol stretches the definition of "contributions."
Going off the Record

I | II | III | IV | V | Interlude | VI | Interlude II | VII | Interlude III | VIII Part One, Part Two | IX | X Part One, Part Two | XI Part One, Part Two | Interlude IV | XII Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Sol/Ky overall R sex, violence, alternate timeline After the war, Ky finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy of unprecendented magnitude, with secrets that threaten to change his life forever. In other words, this fic grabs canon by the throat and shakes it until all the shiny things come tumbling out. Including Sin. Somewhere along the line, the world gets saved. Go figure.
Growing Pains implied Sol/Ky PG-13 masturbation It's not easy being Commander at that age. In other words, Ky vs. puberty
Holding Time Together Sol, Ky G Christmas ficlet. "And then the Commander came along and we all stopped breathing for a little while."
Horse Sense Sol, Ky G "No fair, kid, inviting me out on a dinner-date and then ditching me for the ponies."
Imperfect Various Things
I | II | III
Testament, Dizzy main G for now Backstory fix fic. Maybe a Justice, maybe a Kliff, maybe a Ky. Maybe some bona fide drama. Will tie into X.
Interlude Sol/Ky R sex First time ficlet. "This is my romantic interlude. The tent is leaking. And it's cold. And we're surrounded by monster bits. And I'm with you."
Interruptus Sol/Ky, Sin R implied sex, humor, NOT Overture-compliant Sol is not a child person.
Left of Right Sol/Ky R sex Wings, tails and scales, and what that all means for their relationship. (Set between Three Degrees and Going off the Record, but can work as a standalone).
Magnet Sol/Ky, Sin G humor All the jokes about Ky being pure enough to attract unicorns? They aren't just jokes anymore.
Mémoire Sol, Ky G A detour, a ruin, and things to be learned.
Merchandising Sol/Ky, Sin PG humor Ky discovers, to his dismay, that he really is the world's first post-apocalyptic pop idol.
One Sweet Moment Set Aside Sol, Ky, Axl PG-13 copious references to rock, swearing Sol and music and the end of the world.
Pillow Talk, or Silly Arguments Ky Never Thought He Would Have About Sex
I | II | III
Sol/Ky PG-13 implied sex, humor Pretty much what the title says.
Precipice Venom, Zato PG violence Venom does not know it yet, but meeting this man will change his life forever.
Sand in an Hourglass Kliff, Ky G The evening before Ky ships out to the front for the first time.
Simulacrum Sol, Kliff PG-13 Red Side-compliant The silver lining fades.
Supply and Demand Sol, Ky G Sol solves logistics problems. Ky becomes the willing (?) accomplice.
Système Tacan Sol/Ky R sex Ky has the unfortunate tendency to fall asleep in the middle of the festivities.
Terrorist Activities Sol/Ky, Sin PG-13 humor, NOT Overture-compliant Kidnappings are usually traumatizing for children, but rarely their kidnappers.
The Golden Chain Venom, Ky G A simple conversation.
The Prelude to Trying Sol, Ky R non-major character death The story of how Ky came to carve "hope" on his belt.
Three Degrees to the Right

I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII
Sol, Ky R violence When a city is under attack, allegiances are severely tested. And in the middle of it are two people who have always written their own rules, three degrees to the right from everyone else. (Basically, the continuation for GG we're never going to get. With bugfixes).
Unlawful Appropriation
I | II | III
Sol/Ky, Sin PG-13 humor/parody/crack, NOT Overture-compliant The universe where things make sense and everybody is crazy. (Aka the only way for me to rationalize Overture's existence).
Version Up Sol/Ky, Sin/OC PG humor 100 years in the future, Sin finally manages to bring home a Mrs. Sin, and Sol gets to deal with the consequences.

Infinite Space

The Illusion Katida, Yuri PG-13 post-timeskip Katida seeks comfort in the ritual.
The Lady Space Yuri/Nia, Yuri/the fabric of the universe PG-13 post-timeskip In the darkness of the prison cell, Yuri dreams.

Kingdom Hearts

Buttons Cloud/Sephiroth PG-13 humor/parody All people have buttons to push. Sephiroth just doesn't know his own well enough.
Encounter Leon/Riku PG-13 CoM-continuity After Sora leaves the memory world, Leon has a lot to think about. Riku's appearance does not help at all.
Epitaph Axel, Roxas G CoM-continuity Even Nobodies have issues with trust. Especially once it has been broken.
Firsts Axel/Roxas R sex A series of vignettes about Axel and Roxas.
Gift Axel/Roxas PG CoM-continuity How the "Bond of Flames" keychain came to be.
Web of Lies Larxene/Naminé PG-13 CoM-continuity The truth is an ugly, ugly thing.

Lamento - Beyond the Void

50 Sentences for Asato/Konoe Asato/Konoe R sex Done with 1sentence themeset Delta.
50 Sentences for Bardo/Konoe Bardo/Konoe R sex Done with 1sentence themeset Beta.
50 Sentences for Rai/Konoe Rai/Konoe R sex Done with 1sentence themeset Epsilon.
Between Two Thieves

I | II | III | IV | V | VI | Epilogue
Rai/Konoe, Bardo/Mana R sex We tend to crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.
Conquest Froud/Rai, Rai/Konoe PG-13 Froud has near-infinite patience for everything except one thing.
I | II | III
Razel/Verg R sex Death is stranger than fiction. And the afterlife has room for some strange people.
Father Asato/Konoe PG He may be a devil, but he will always be a father first.
Five Things Bardo Went Fishing For Bardo/Konoe G Pretty much what the title says.
Five Things Rai Misses about Having Short Hair Rai/Konoe G What the title says.
Force of Habit Kaltz, Razel, Verg PG-13 Some habits just refuse to leave his consciousness, like fragments of a half-forgotten melody.
Glasya Labolas Razel/Konoe PG He teacheth all Arts and Sciences in an instant, and is an Author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter.
Hidden Rai/Konoe G Where Rai falters, Konoe believes.
Hierarchy Kaltz, Verg PG violence Verg isn't used to not getting his way.
Like the Sun Shui/Leaks R masturbation Leaks is in love, and there is nothing he can do about it.
Singularity Shui, Leaks G Being unique is a terrible thing.
Something Beautiful Shui, Leaks G Truth and Beauty are really not so different from each other.
The Meaning of Small Things Rai/Konoe G The spring festival, toys, and the importance of that person.
The Presence of Butterflies Rai/Konoe G A day at the beach.
Things not Spoken Shui/Leaks, Shui/his wife PG Leaks meets Shui's wife.
Vicissitudes of Life Rai/Konoe G What did you think having a sanga would entail, if not that?
I | II
various G A series of character vignettes.
Wish Asato/Konoe, Kagari PG implied sex Three people, and the things the heart longs for.

Macross Frontier

Flying Alto/Michel G He's grown older, and it's getting harder to fool himself about a lot of things. Like how Michel has been intruding on the sky lately.

Magna Carta - Tears of Blood

Blame Calintz/Azel, Chris PG When in doubt, blame Chris.
Nighttime Visit Calintz/Azel PG On the night before his first mission, Azel finds it hard to sleep.
Notoriety Calintz/Agreian PG-13 implied sex There had been talk long before anything happened

Mana Khemia - Alchemists of Al Revis

Azoth Roxis/Vein G post-game Roxis, Vein, and existential philosophy at dinner.
Parlor Tricks Roxis/Vein PG post-game Roxis teaches Vein to play cards.
The Civility of Envy Roxis, Vein G Roxis and the first few weeks of school.

Persona 4

A Collection of Strays Dojima and family G Souji cooks, Dojima eats, and over tofu croquettes and lasagne al forno, a new life opens up.
Backwards Parenting Dojima, Souji/Yosuke PG humor Dojima's attempts at being a responsible parent.
Different Scripts implied Souji/Yosuke G post-game Movie endings aren't all they're cracked up to be. Starring Yosuke's exceptionally dense self and Souji as Voice on the Phone.
The Story of how Souji Got a Really Great Rack

I | II | III | IV
possible Souji/Yosuke PG-13 genderswap, humor/crack A trip to the TV world turns Souji into a girl. Yeah. As if Yosuke didn't have enough problems.

Sengoku BASARA

Night Vision Sasuke, implied Masamune/Yukimura PG-13 humor/crack Sasuke is having a bad night, and it's all the boss's fault. Also known as "fun with battle auras".

Star Ocean — The Second Story

50 Sentences for Dias/Claude Dias/Claude R sex, violence Done with 1sentence themeset Alpha.
As Simple as That Dias/Claude R sex There is enough time for questions and uncertainty tomorrow. Is it really so bad that he just wants to spend a short while without worrying about things he can't explain, or control?
A String of Pearls Claude, Dias G A friendship is like a string of pearls. It can only grow if somebody keeps adding the next, and the next, and the next.
Dreams Dias, Claude R violence Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
Farewell Dias/Claude PG Claude gets the chance to return home.
Firelight Claude, Dias G Firelight changes all the rules.
Five Things Claude Never Tasted Before Meeting Dias Dias/Claude PG Pretty much what the title says.
Fifty-Two Names for Snow Claude, Dias G Being away from the things they know changes people.
Of Visits and Homecomings Claude, Dias PG Two warriors return to Arlia.
The Voice OC, implied Dias/Claude PG A little girl finds a treasure.
To the Road Ahead Claude, Dias G Dias doesn't ask, and Claude makes a decision.
Turning Point Claude, Dias G Claude has an epiphany.

Star Ocean — Till the End of Time

Dispel Albel/Fayt PG The power of a spell.
Elope Fayt, Albel G post-game Sometimes, you have to run away to see who will follow.
Lead and Follow Albel/Fayt G Fayt leads and Albel follows. He just doesn't like to think too much about why he does so.

Suikoden IV

High Tide Sigurd/Hervey R A look at what binds two pirates together.


Infinity Road
Part I | Part II
Kotetsu/Barnaby G post-episode 13 Bunny is fighting demons, Kotetsu tries to help, and runs into a couple of roadblocks of his own. Like how he didn't know he'd really like to kiss Bunny.
The Real Thing Kotetsu/Barnaby G Barnaby's life neglects to inform Barnaby that he is on a date.

Togainu no Chi

Persistence of Vision Rin/Akira R sex, violence, mentions of incestuous feelings Rin seeks out Akira again, and confronts a few ghosts in the process.
Pragmatics Keisuke/Akira R sex Keisuke has to learn how to speak Akira's language.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

The Ending Theme Kurogane/Fai R sex After everything is said and done, Kurogane and Fai get a happy ending.
Why Kurogane, Fai G Kurogane has questions. Fai can't answer.

Yukikaze/Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze

I | II
Jack/Rei/Yukikaze PG fixfic Jack meets God, and also God's mad protector.

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