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[Guilty Gear] Christmas Special

Title: Christmas Special
Fandom: Guilty Gear Overture
Characters: Sol/Ky, Sin
Rating: G
Contains: Humor, not Overture-compliant

Christmas Special

It had been too much to hope that since Sin had finally been able to grasp the concept that food coming on a plate did not automatically make the plate eligible for consumption, he would be able to grasp the concept of a food-bearing tree.

"Well," Sol surmised, staring at Sin who was working his way upwards from a candy-cane, "It's… an advantage in survival situations. And we know he won't die of food poisoning."

"It's not food poisoning if it's not food."

Ky extracted a pair of scissors from the pile of ribbons and wrapping paper, walked over to the tree and simply cut off the branch Sin was currently dangling from. Sin landed on the floor with an audible thump, giggled, and chewed up the rest of the shrubbery still hanging from his mouth.

"I told you the tree would exceed his brain capacity," Sol said.

There went the candlestick attached to that branch, too. It really didn't seem to make much of a difference to Sin how things tasted, as long as he could chew them down.

"It does not exceed his brain capacity," Ky retorted. "It merely exceeds the capacity of the part he got from you. Really, what is it about 'don't let Sin go near the tree' that's so hard to understand?"

"Kid needs to make his own experiences. You can't blame this only on me. You know how Gear brains are programmed to react to shiny things."

"I wish his shiny senses would become a bit more selective."

"What, like mine?" Sol grinned, raising his eyebrows meaningfully.

"Lord, I hope not."

Sin agreed to abstain from mutilating the tree prematurely as long as he was allowed to keep the little Santa and angel doll he had managed to loot. Sighing at the lost cause, Ky returned to the table to repair the garland of beads Sin had managed to destroy in his enthusiasm, while Sin chose to enact a reinterpretation of the Christmas story by having the angel RTL Santa Claus out of the door to deliver the presents.

"You know," Sol muttered, eyeing the spectacle, "If you make Santa mad, there won't be any presents at all."

"Not true!" Sin declared with absolute confidence, the angel delivering a final spinning kick to Santa's rear. "If Santa doesn't do his job, he won't get his present."

At the table, Ky quickly bowed his head to hide his smirk, content in the knowledge that Sin had no idea about the nature of that particular present.

Sol glanced from him, to the brat, and scowled. "You know, your mom's right, you're way too smart for your own good."

"No fires in my living room, please," Ky said absent-mindedly, finally succeeding in tying off the beads. He took them over to the tree, where he spent a good minute measuring the length of the garland and the circumference of the tree, calculating the placement as if he were planning a counter-strike.

A sudden tug at his pants leg made him look down to see Sin smiling up at him guilelessly, which usually meant that something was up.

"Pa says to tell you that 'Christmas isn't a war'. He says it's about presents. I've got a present for you, mommy!"

"Oh for the love of— stop saying that," Ky sighed, knowing he might as well tell the snow to stop falling.

"Present!" Sin insisted, holding out his arms and looking thoroughly unperturbed, so Ky gave in, bending down to allow Sin to put some kind of Christmas ornament in his hair.

"Thanks, Sin," he said, trying hard not to roll his eyes at the ridiculous tinsel, or whatever it was his son had decided to bestow upon him.

"It's a special present. Pa made it!"

"What would—" Ky cut himself off, reaching up in the vain hope that it wasn't something illegal coated with superglue, only to find it was an innocuous twig, dotted with small, white berries.

"That is so cli—hmph!"

The ambush from behind caught him by surprise, considerably hampering his ability to talk. He should have known, really, and Sol clearly thought so, too, if the victorious smirk he could feel against his lips was any indication.

"You and your indecent customs," Ky murmured when they finally broke apart.

"Indecent? Not hardly. Round two!"

Again, his mouth was occupied, delaying any protest.

"Now I'm pretty sure that's against the rules."

"No, it's not. Rules say each berry on that twig warrants a kiss."

Ky gave him a flat look. "I know for a fact that you're lying."

"And you're complaining because?"

That silenced any further objections for quite some time. In fact, it lasted even through the soft jingling that had started up again, right until the sound adopted a distinctly alarming frenzy that culminated in a loud crash.

Ky pushed Sol away, who would have been quite happy to keep kissing right through the apocalypse, and surveyed the wreckage of the tree, needles, splinters of crystal bells and candles strewn all over the carpet.

"Oops?" Sin ventured finally, the top star glimmering innocently in his hands.

- FIN -

A/N: I... really have nothing to blame this on.